Why you should consider Direct to Film 

Direct to Film printing is a newer print method superior to Direct to Garment printing (DTG) in countless ways and involves printing to a special transfer film. This printed film is heat transferred onto textiles or solid substrate with an integrated lightweight powder adhesive.

The DTF Process

1. Artwork

Design or import your artwork in your favorite graphics program

2. RIP

The RIP software will create the white mask which goes on top of your color ink areas

3. Print

Print artwork onto film, it will print color and then back it with white, and will feed into the next step

4. Coat

Powdered adhesive is distributed over the surface, dusted off, and melted onto the printed film

5. Press

When you are ready, heat press the film onto your textile, peeling back an empty film sheet.

What makes Direct to Film stand apart?

Prints on nearly any fabric

Brilliant high contrast color

No cutting or weeding needed

Clean sharp edges and details

Machine washable and flexible

Low cost on waste

Can be printed and stored for use on future garment prints

Suitable for small runs as well as large capacity orders

Direct to Garment can't do this, and it costs you.



  With popular or repeat items using DTF, you can always load up on prints when you have downtime and store the film at the ready without the space or substrate cost of a pre-printed clothing line.

With DTF, printed film can easily be cut apart to later press onto a variety of items, even a short DTF print run could yield art for many future garments

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